Monday, February 19, 2007

Spotlight on rosereddesign

It's hard not to recognize talent such as that displayed at rosereddesign. The shop is full of beautifully detailed, sumptuously colored treasures. A relatively new seller on etsy, Kim is off to a striking start.

The shop features several "themes" (bears, pears, cupcakes, and mice) that would be simply brilliant framed and hung all in a row. The pears are richly painted and remind me of the "Italian" kitchen decor that continues to be very popular--they would look right at home among the grape vines and painted oil and vinegar sets that define such collections.

The cupcakes are actually cards (they would make excellent birthday cards or "sweet something" cards) that have been designed to mimic the look of screen printing. Their highly graphic nature is played up by the way they dominate the space on the cards.

Samples of the bears and mice appear below. Click on either image to be taken to the shop listing for that item.

The small prints of the bears are doubly handmade. Not only does Kim create the original paintings and the prints, but her models are bears handmade by her sister (Honeythorpe Bears, located at Kim uses her remarkable skill to lend life and an "atmospheric" background to each bear's portrait. Any of these portraits would be a beautiful gift for a bear lover and I can't help but envision the possibility of gifting both the bear and it's matching portrait to a bear collector.

The bear shown below, Artan Teddy Bear, is what first drew my attention to Kim's shop. The smooth, earthy colors, and the adorable expression won me over instantly. The liquid use of watercolor, the soft details like the fuzz on his foot or the shine on his nose, make this a piece that I can sit and stare at; never tired of it's beauty.

The mice portraits are the most stylistically distinct "theme" in rosereddesign. Each mouse has a very elongated face and small triangular eyes. They also feature the most detailed backgrounds of any of the items in the shop--really showcasing Kim's understanding of color and motion.

The mouse shown below, Country Mouse, showcases a wonderful use of motion--not just in the obvious wind blowing up her skirt and stealing away her hat--but also in the curves and flow of the landscape, the smooth, contrary arches of the bridge, the flowing curves of the trees, and the round sweep made by the road.

Artan Teddy Bear. ACEO
Country Mouse

I am excited to see what will come next from rosereddesign. I know that whatever it is, it will be beautifully executed, richly colored, and full to the brimming with life.

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