Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Dragonling Pocket Mirrors!

I received a wonderful package in the mail today--the drawstring bags I had ordered to house my dragonling pocket mirrors! Hooray! So with those in hand, I was able to list up my first dragonling pocket mirror.

I did an initial trial run of 5 mirrors and I definitely learned some lessons that I will apply to the next sets, but overall I think these turned out pretty cute! This one features two little dragonlings holding a single heart. It was a very different challenge working out color schemes for more than one dragonling in a frame without resorting to the stereotypical "blue for boys, pink for girls" hogwash. In the end, I went with orange and green for these little ones. That way the gender is open for interpretation however the owner might like.

Pocket mirrors, for those that haven't seen them before are small mirrors with glass on one side and a decoration, drawing, or print on the other side. They are made in a similar manner to buttons, but with glass in place of the button backing. They are also larger than the average button, coming in at 2.25 inches (~5.7 cm). They are a great size for tucking into pockets, purses, wallets, clutches, backpacks, bags, etc.

However, because there is no cover to the mirror, there is the potential for the mirrors to get scratched up. Because of that, I ordered some small drawstring bags to protect the mirrors wherever they may go. The ones I include are made of green velvet. The green matches the shop color and the velvet is much nicer than the velour bags I often see.

Below are pictures of the dragonling design (hand drawn and colored), the mirror surface, and the drawstring bag with the mirror in it.

The final picture is a picture of my husband and I yesterday on our anniversary. : ) We had a great day at home, making a new dish, watching movies, playing chess, and eating big bowls of strawberry shortcake! I hope everyone's weekend went as well. ^_^

OOAK Dragonling Pocket Mirror
Pocket Mirror Reflection
Pocket Mirror in a Pouch
The Happy Couple


  1. I really love these little dragons, they are very very cute. And making pocket mirrors out of them is a great idea! I hope you have good luck selling these. :)


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