Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Kissing Couple

This little one-of-a-kind pocket mirror made it's debut in my shop yesterday. It shows a dragonling couple leaning in for a kiss with a small heart above their lips. I really like drawing little dragonling couples. The cuteness just kills me. However, the rest of the pocket mirrors in this series are not lovey-dovey couples. : ) But since the couples were my favorites I listed them first.

Kissing Couple

I am going to start listing a few things a day in the shop. I have a lot of stock (a good thing) so I am going to try and get it listed! I won't be listing everything however, since I am in the process of job-hunting I am trying to keep a reserve so that should I need to relocate (99% likely) I will be able to pack away my supplies and still keep consistently listing.

Right now I am trying to focus on taking better and more creative photos. Once I feel that I have that down pretty well, I will be retaking all (gulp) of my past photos. With 101 listings in my shop (and 4-5 pictures each) this is no small undertaking. I want to start in on that soon though so that I can have it done before starting a new job (hopefully soonish!)

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