Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Spotlight on gammaraybots


I stumbled across gammaraybots' shop during the holidays while trying to find some cool and quirky gifts for friends. The shop's irreverent style and fresh take on things both old and new quickly caught my eye. With robots and sci-fi as a central theme this shop does a little of everything--sculpture, ACEOs (small collectible art pieces), paintings, buttons, and altered postcards. The style is consistently bold, colorful, and playful and easily carries over between mediums.

My favorite section in the shop is the altered postcards section. Gammaraybots selects old postcards and pairs them with critters he dreamed up in his sketch book. The colorful characters fit in with the cards beautifully, at first glance they often look like part of the original image. (Which is no small feat considering that the original images are often photographs!)

Can't bear to leave is an excellent example of the attitude that each postcard is imbued with.

A large part of his shop is devoted to robots--mostly happy, quirky robots with bright personalities. One of the amazing things about the robots in gammaraybots' shop is simply how much personality and life can be packed into even the smallest works.

The Robotic Faces 5 button set is an excellent example. At only one inch across these buttons are tiny enough to tuck just about anywhere. But despite their small size they pack a large visual punch--without being overly busy or crowded.

With 70 items currently in the shop, this shop is a great place get lost in the art. I find it difficult not to check out every listing--each thumbnail seems to beckon. If you (or a friend) loves robots, sci-fi, or just appreciates cute and quirky characters I would add gammaraybots to your shopping list and check back often!

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