Sunday, June 23, 2013

They're Baaaaack

Scorpion in the Sink

You know what's lots of fun? Washing dishes in the sink and seeing a scorpion under the dish drainer.


A scorpion.

In my sink.

I squawked.

And then, like any good blogger I grabbed my camera and snapped some pictures for proof.

Scorpion in the Sink

That particular fellow was washed down the drain (followed by lots of water, plus more for good measure). In the couple of weeks since there has not been a repeat. Fingers crossed it stays that way.


  1. You have the creepiest house guests, I swear. Next thing you'll be posting about shaking out your clothing before dressing and finding them in your flour. Is there any way to keep them out?

    1. The extension office said we could spray for them, but I don't know of anyway to keep them out. We already spray around the house a few times a year to cut down on spiders and the hubby says the spray we use should work on the scorpions too. May just be time to spray again. : /

    2. Or get yourself a scorpion-hunting-yet-immune cat...


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