Saturday, March 23, 2013

31 Day Blog Challenge--Day 23

Sewing Room

Today's topic: Do you have a hobby?

Better topic: what hobby do you not have? Okay, I'm kidding. Mostly. I have several "main" hobbies that I sort of cycle through. Quilting, baking, photography, blogging, reading.

Clearly I can't do all of them all the time. For a few years there I was baking 2-4 times a month. Then I got studying for my PE exam and then (and this will probably sound the weirdest) after finishing my PE exam, I started a reading challenge with the express purpose of reading more because I really hadn't done much since high school. (And I used to be a major bookworm). Reading more cut down on the time I was spending on the internet, which cut down on my blog reading, which cut down on my food blog reading. Turns out that was a major source of inspiration for me because as my reading of food blogs dropped, so did my baking. Weird. But there you can see the direct tradeoff: more reading = less baking.

My quilting has always been very sporadic, but last summer I joined a quilt guild, now I am sewing tons more! When the hubby and I were going for more walks and things, I was also taking more photos, but as the walks have tapered down, so have the photos.

Up down, up down, up down. I do love all of them though and they are things I keep coming back to. I guess I'm just notcut out to be a monogamous hobbiest.

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