Friday, March 01, 2013

31 Day Blog Challenge--Day 1


I saw this over at Vol25 and since my blog could use a little love, I decided to give it a try. : )

Today is Day a self portrait and five random facts about yourself. This isn't a self portrait (my husband took it) but it is the most recent photo I have of myself. works. ^_^

Onto facts...

1. My hands have reached approximately the texture of sand paper this winter. The etsy seller who made magical body butter has closed up shop and nothing else seems to work as well. : ( Any recommendations for a good body butter that is very lightly scented, absorbs super quickly, and is mega moisturizing?

2. I like to describe my personal style as "traditional with a twist". Very few people have any idea what I mean by that, but I suppose it doesn't matter as long as I do.

3. I think this is pretty much the best thing ever. Excuse me while I go drool for a bit.

Ahem. Back.

4. I don't really like cake. Except pound cake. Pound cake and I are bffs. Regular cake, though? Not so much.

5. The Lizzie Bennet Diaries has not only given me a whole new appreciation of Pride and Prejudice (which I already loved), but it has also gotten me reading the rest of Austen's works. She is an amazing story teller. *happy sigh*

If you want to play along, here is the list of prompts. I think I'll probably swap out a few, but here we go:

31 Day Challenge


  1. I like pound cake.

    Awesome self-portrait!

    1. I have a killer recipe for pound cake. I'll have to bake one for one of our get togethers some time.

      Thanks! : )

  2. I love this stuff!

    1. OMG, that sounds amazing! And I have some coconut oil in the pantry right now... : D


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