Sunday, November 04, 2012

Halloween 2012-Year of the Meme

As I mentioned, the hubby and I were invited to a costume party. A friend on facebook had considered (and rejected) nyan cat as her halloween costume, so I suggested it to hubby as an idea for his. He liked the idea and I had a pretty good plan for bringing it to life. After much pondering, I decided to stay on theme and go as my favorite meme of recent history.

Clean All The Things

I thought it turned out rather well.

Clean All The Things!

It was the hubby's costume that stole the show though. Presenting...nyan cat.

Nyan Cat!

I mean, dead ringer, right?


  1. OMG you two are the best! I LOVE *clean ALL the things!*

    and how can you not like nyan cat?!

  2. You two hit the nail on the head!

  3. Ha! <3 it! You both rock!


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