Monday, November 05, 2012

Belated Birthday Reveal!

Birthday Apron

While canning tomato sauce this year, the hubby was splattering sauce on his clothes so I suggested that he grab my apron. This was not eagerly received so for his birthday a couple of month's later, I made him his very own.

After scouring the internet for patterns, I took a deep breath, loosely followed this tutorial and mostly winged it. The apron itself is made with fabric from Robert Kaufman's Robot Factory line and is a circuit board layout! : ) The neck strap and ties I made from some kona cotton in snow.

The biggest trick was the sizing. I wanted this to be a surprise, so I snuck one of his dress shirts out of the closet and used a photo of him wearing it to count buttons down to his waist. For the overall length, I held it up to myself, found my knees and added about 6 inches. And I totally guessed as to the neck width. Happily when he tried it on, it fit *perfectly*. ^_^

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