Sunday, June 17, 2012

Birthday Shenanigans

All Dressed Up

I am officially 30. I also officially have the most amazing friends, family, and husband. This entire weekend has been full of birthday celebrations.


My parents kick started the weekend by sending me an absolutely gorgeous arrangement of flowers at work. My mom worked with a local florist to create a custom arrangement. She was going for a predominately green arrangement and there are tons of neat green fillers which have loads of texture. Fuzzy, crinkly, wavy, pods, berries...just lovely. Along with some of the largest pink roses I have ever seen. Over the weekend, they've been opening up and smell absolutely heavenly.

That afternoon my department gathered for cake and a rousing rendition of Happy Birthday. I may or may have turned pink. (I turned pink). Our CEO has a tradition of signing birthday cards for the employees and drawing stick figure sketches. They are always fun and this year was no exception--a stick figure me sitting in a chair holding a bucket of brightly colored balls and described as a "bucket full of genius" in reference to the "genius" I had brought to the company by earning my PE.

For dinner, the hubby took me to my favorite Italian place, Tortoras.

Saturday, the hubby spoiled me quite rotten. I had finished the handstitching on my medallion Friday night and Saturday morning I spent putting on the first couple rounds of borders. Then it was off for a haircut, a quick pop-in at the drycleaners, and a stop in at the quilting shop. There I picked up perle cotton for next week's embroidery with some newly acquired birthday money.

I came home and hung out with the hubby for a bit, then we got dolled up and headed out to dinner at D&L Bistro a fancy spot I've been wanting to try for ages. We were happily seated right next to a window so I got brilliant photos for my Dining Dragon review. The meal was excellent and dessert was pretty much heaven in a dish.

After dinner we came home and the hubby presented me with a lovely package. He had gone for a dragon theme and wrote me a sweet card (with a picture of a dragon blowing out candles) which accompanied both a pattern for a stuffie dragon and adorable dragon earrings. Then I finished adding the borders to my medallion and we started a re-watch of Thor.

I'm really not sure how you could pack more perfect into a day.

Today kicked off with breakfast out at one of my favorite spots, Edith Anns. The plan had been to make pancakes, but when our severe lack of eggs became apparent (and our desperate need for groceries), we went to Plan B and stopped off at the store for eggs, milk, and butter afterwards. I've spent the day stiching on my needlebook, chatting with friends, cleaning up dishes, filing paperwork, prepping peaches for jam, and blogging. Dinner will be homemade hamburgers with roasted veggies and then we shall finish Thor. There will be more blogging/interneting/reading/sewing in some combination.

All together and thoroughly lovely way to celebrate 30 years and welcome my 31st.

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