Sunday, February 26, 2012

Simply Joy #66

Things that made me happy this week.

1. Taking a long walk down the greenbelt with my hubby.


2. Spending a lazy Sunday sewing and reading.

3. Putting together a cute new outfit with tights that are dreamily comfortable.


4. Getting all the dishes done!

5. Absolutely gorgeous, spring-like weather.

Walk Along The Greenbelt

6. A fun date night with the hubby which included dinner at a new restaurant, scoping out a new shopping center, and poking around our newish Earth Fare supermarket.


  1. Are you growing your hair out? It's cute!

  2. I'm loving your hair more and more the longer it gets! :)

  3. Thanks! I have been growing it out, I'm in desperate need of a hair cut so it is starting to really LOOK long. I'm thinking about halfway between chin and shoulder as my goal length? We'll see. : )


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