Sunday, February 26, 2012

Number Four

The hubby was visited by a fourth scorpion the other night, as he tried to use the bathroom in peace. Unfortunately for the little critter, he was spotted, scooped and flushed without fanfare.

I am a little alarmed at the increasing frequency with which we are finding these and I'm keeping my fingers crossed they continue to remain downstairs.


  1. Seriously, that's horrifying. I didn't know you even had scorpions there. How do they keep getting in? But I guess if you knew that, you'd have the answer to the problem. *shudder*

  2. I don't know. They are pretty tiny so they are likely coming in either with the pipes or under doors.

    We have a fair number of bugs because we back up to a wooded lot. Ladybugs take over our master bath in the winter. We had a real issue with yellow jackets in the sun room one summer. We've had mice in the attic. And just this morning I found a GIANT spider IN THE TOILET when I woke up. And he wouldn't flush down! I was so groggy I forgot we had other bathrooms and woke the hubby up to dispose of him. : ) Ah suburban country living.


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