Tuesday, September 06, 2011


Surprise Birthday!

The hubby's birthday is coming up next week. So when he told me that he wanted to have some friends over for a Labor Day BBQ, it didn't take me too long to connect the dots and start hatching a plan. I went through several potential ideas, each time realizing that they were (a)very time consuming and (b)might make his friends think I was a little half baked. So I kept stepping it back. Eventually, I messaged the guy he knows best of the bunch (they work together), and told him that the hubby's birthday was coming up so I was planning on surprising him with a cake. I figured at least that way no one would be taken by surprise (other than the hubby, of course).

Well, the hubby's friend went one better--he got the guys to chip in and buy Rob a present (a copy of Super Mario Smashbrothers, which they play when they all get together). One of his other friends found a wonderfully corny card. AND we managed to keep it all secret.

I told the hubby I had to run into work the morning of the party and instead went and picked up the cake. It was a huge box, so even though I tried to bury it in the back of the fridge, I knew that if it caught his eye, he would realize it didn't belong. And he did get into the fridge once or twice but since he was focused on other things, the giant cake box went unnoticed. *whew*

After we had eaten (it was a BBQ after all!), one of the guys went upstairs with Rob so Rob could show him our TV and my co-plotter ran out to his car to grab the gift. I arranged the cake and present before joining everyone upstairs. We headed downstairs shortly thereafter on the premise that one of the guys needed to leave and surprised Rob with cake.

Sadly there was no singing as I don't do well with singing in front of people I don't know well. BUT, the hubby was happily surprised and he LOVED the game! Rob has found himself a really great group of friends and the fact that their first reaction to finding out it was his birthday was to come bearing cards and gifts only cements that for me. Not because of the stuff, but because they (especially his work buddy) knew that he would enjoy owning the game and being able to practice before their matches. And because knowing that, they made it happen.

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