Monday, March 28, 2011

Pi Day Winners!

Pocket Pie Molds

I apologize for the delay in reporting back. You know how some weeks things just seem to ker-splode? Yea, I'm there. But now, I'm also here! With winners!

First up, the winner of the random drawing: Lady_Bird with her delicious sounding deepdish pizza and sugar free apple raisin pies.


And the winner for sake of sheer awesome? Measuring Spoons with her Peach Blueberry Granola Crumb Pie. Check out those star cutouts! And the peach, blueberry, granola combo? Sounds amazing.

Thanks to everyone who participated! I hope you all enjoyed Pi Day as much as we do. : )

Winners, I'll be contacting you to get mailing address. The first one to respond will have their choice of the apple or pumpkin shape.

1 comment:

  1. Anonymous5:27 AM

    How exciting! Thanks so much! :) I'm going to email you back right now. (Hoping for the apple one, but they're both adorable.)


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