Sunday, March 27, 2011

Homeowners 1 : Inclement Weather 0

My View

Last weekend the hubby and I took a somewhat impromptu three day weekend. It was scheduled to be spring (oh 80 degree weather, how I've missed you) and we were needing to give the house some love. You see, back in February, we had a really awe inspiring snow storm. It may or may not have been thunder snow, but it most certainly tried to invade our territory.


We poked around in the attic, but could find no evidence of the leak. Then, in early March we had another BIG storm. And the leak grew.

Da Leak

More poking in the attic. Some ground to air calculations of just where exactly that spot on the ceiling corresponded to in the attic. Still no evidence of water.

So we did what every sensible homeowner does when there is something amiss. We bought a ladder. A 24' extension ladder.

We actually had to rent a truck to get it home. (Thank god for Lowes and their rental service).

The Great Ladder Adventure

Ladder procured, we began the great gutter clean out. Or rather, the hubby cleaned out the gutters while I held the ladder, dodged bugs, and pointed out what looked like cracks on the underside of the gutter. This last bit was especially important since as he cleaned, the hubby was also sealing the cracks and leaks. The hubby's running theory was that the water leak was coming in due to an overfull/leaking gutter.

Jack supervised from the window.

Window Watcher

I boggled at spring's arrival.


And had gutter guck dropped on my head. It was lovely.

We went all the way around the house, giving the hubby the chance to wander the roof.

Husband the Fearless

Yesterday, another BIG storm hit. Thunder, lightening and lots and lots of rain. Which stayed outside.


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