Monday, October 04, 2010

WRS--Yellow Centers

WRQ--Yellow Centers

After spending some time getting my cutting done, I've spent the last week starting to sew with intent!

The general game plan is that each block is a wonky square following the method laid out by Quilt Dad last fall. I've decided to follow a rainbow color scheme, so that for any given fabric there are five blocks that use that fabric--one as the center, one as the second layer, one as the third layer, one as the fourth layer, and one as the fifth. My goal is to not use the same fabric combinations in any of the blocks and instead play around with contrast and color and pattern and texture.

This quilt was meant to be my "ease back into quilting" quilt, before I got kind of sidetracked, and that is still my intent. This is my quilt to practice my 1/4" seams, learn not to hurry the machine, and try to run straight off the edge of the fabric instead of skewing (like I do almost Every Time). I haven't decided whether I will machine or hand quilt it, but either way I will be trying something new.

I'm planning on setting the blocks into a neutral. I was originally thinking black, but a year of reading quilting blogs has swayed me over to the light, solid, side. White, ash, light brown...something of that nature. Of course, I am going to end up with more blocks than I know what to do with (I don't know how to do things half way) so it will probably be a double sided quilt. Maybe I will make one side in a bento box style.

But, before I get to any of that, I need blocks sewn!

This week I completed 7 of my blocks with yellow centers. I have eight fabrics for each of my colors except yellow, of which I only have 7. I haven't decided yet what I am going to do about this--I have been working entirely from my stash thus far and don't really want to go buy fabric until I get to the setting/sashing. I also am fairly sure that I will run out of some fabrics before completing all five blocks they would be used in, and I haven't decided what to do about that either. I'm leaning towards simply creating some smaller blocks that just stop at the size they are where the fabric is "missing". I probably won't decide until I have all the blocks, however far I could get them, spread out in front of me. My stash is full of older fabrics (4-6 years mostly) so chances of me finding more of the same pattern are slim.

I find myself looking forward to that challenge though. I dislike using patterns because I don't like simply working to produce a known result. I like the evolution and the moments of serendipity of feeling your way through the process to reveal the final result. It's a bit scary sometimes, but completely rewarding when something turns out even better than you imagined. : )

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