Monday, September 27, 2010

At the Cutting Table

Cutting Rainbows

You may remember seeing a sneak peek of my wonky rainbow squares quilt. (Which is a mouthful, let's just call it WRS) Or maybe not. After all, I started it last October (inspired by the quilt-a-long hosted by Quilt Dad), set it down in favor of a baby quilt for a friend, and then kinda-sort-accidentally took the summer off from quilting. Oops.

But it's fall now and I found myself back in my craft room, eager to make some real progress. Last fall I was so excited to get sewing that I was cutting as I went. I did enough of that to know it was a real pain when I wanted to sew. So I changed tactics, and this weekend took the time to iron and slice the remainder of my fabrics.

Reds, yellows, purples:

Cutting Rainbows

Blues and a couple of greens:

Cutting Rainbows

The balance of the greens:

Cutting Rainbows

Everything is entirely from my stash and mostly small pieces--fat quarters, 1/4 yard cuts--so I'm crossing my fingers I will have enough! If not, I'll improvise. : )

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