Tuesday, July 06, 2010

Camera Case--Part I

I absolutely love and adore my camera. It's a simple little point in shoot (I don't see any need to get anything fancy when I don't understand what any of those fancy settings do anyway) and it comes with me everywhere. Even when I don't bring anything else, I bring my camera. I've been doing this via the little wrist strap that came with the camera, but I've wanted a case to put it in. Only thing? I'm really picky.

I don't want a shoulder strap, a case that let's the camera slop around, a case with a second wrist strap, a case that makes it difficult to take the camera in and out, or anything gaudy.

I do want room to carry my debit card and my driver's license. A pocket for my spare battery would be nice, but is non essential. I need a way to attach it to my belt or waistband that will not come off and allow the camera to get lost.

Which seems utterly reasonable, but doesn't appear to exist. So this weekend, while looking for a quick little project to do, the obvious occurred to me. Why not just make one?

But it was when I found this tutorial that it all really started to come together.

So I pulled out fabric.

Camera Case

And drew a sketch.

Camera Case

I ironed a little and cut a little and quilted a little.

Camera Case

And then I paused. Because I realized that my decision to forgoe the lining meant I was going to need to think really carefully about how I attached everything. Because I didn't have any velcro on hand. Because my credit card pocket was going to take up the entire back of the case and not leave much room to reinforce the keyring attachment. And because my mom called and I'm a good daughter so I stopped to chat.

I fell asleep last night with visions of pockets and seamlines and buttons dancing in my head and I'm already looking forward to using my handy dandy camera case.


  1. mmmh. love that green & brown!
    if you have a no-sew snap button handy you could use that for your front closure.
    though I'd add a closure to the credit card slot too - I'd be afraid it could fall out too easy.

    a lining would make everything easier... maybe you should think about adding it. a bit more work at the beginning, a little more to sew, but less to think about and less fuss in hindsight!

  2. Why hello there! Thank you for the lovely tutorial! : D

    I've been pondering adding a lining--once I realized all my additional stitching would show on both sides! I'm still not *totally* convinced (the whole turning inside out through a small hole thing--plus loose liners bug me on bags...*but* it would save so much preplanning and headaches.

    I think making the credit card pocket tight will work--especially since I don't really have room for a closure, my camera is about the same size! I'm thinking of adding an internal pocket though--issue solved! I may do both. : )


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