Saturday, March 06, 2010

Static Pages

Recently Blogger added a new functionality--the ability to make static pages. These are the "tabs" you often see at the top or along the sides of blogs. Things like About and Contact Information. After spending some time playing with them and figuring out what made the most sense, I have added a whole host of pages.

Static Pages

About Me
Cast of Characters
365 Photo Project
Spotlight Series
Contact Me

These serve to give a little more background on some things (who I am, what the 365 project is) and collect others (my current quilting works in progress or WIPs, the whole series of Spotlight posts).

So what do you think? Any other pages you wish to see? Any other information you wish you had? Burning questions gone unanswered?


  1. Oh, wow! I hadn't realized that blogger added that. I'm going to have to go play. Thanks for letting us know!

  2. No problem! It's on the same tab as the new posts/edit posts...keep looking to the right and you will find "Pages".


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