Sunday, March 28, 2010

Simply Joy Sunday # 42

The things that made me happy this week. Check out Cool Zebras for other's joys.

1. Cute kitty poses.


2. Realizing a favorite local sub shop was literally just down the street from my office and finally giving it a try with a coworker. (It was good!)


3. Taking off work early on a gorgeous day, just because, and taking some great pictures around the yard.

House In Spring House In Spring House In Spring

4. An awesome self portrait.

Self Portrait on Brick

5. Making macaroons and staging photos.


6. Making a delicious dinner with the hubby--on a weeknight!

Tacos for Dinner

7. The cats "helping" as I quilted.


1 comment:

  1. Anonymous10:45 PM

    Looks like Jack is making sure everything gets into the little scraps can.


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