Friday, March 05, 2010

Flashback Friday # 9

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Turtle Quilt

Once I picked up quilting, it took me about 2 nanoseconds to decide to make a quilt for my husband. We had gone shopping and he'd picked out fabrics in a variety of colors and sat. I wasn't sure what pattern to use. At the time, I was working on my college campus in the engineering department. A couple of the women in the office also quilted and brought in quilting magazines for me to read. That's when I found "it", the pattern that was meant to be.

You see, my hubby grew up with out any pets (due to his parent's allergies) but when he was a very little boy he "adopted" a turtle that lived under a bush in their backyard. He was heartbroken when they had to move and the turtle couldn't come with them. That turtle was the inspiration for the pair of turtle pillows I made him and seeing this pattern, it was too much to resist.


  1. Wait, so you made your husband a set of pillows with turtles on them? That is so sweet.

  2. This pattern is actually for a quilt I have started for him. The pillows I had made him earlier, they are actually shaped like turtles!


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