Sunday, March 21, 2010

Day 206/365--New Home

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206-365 New Home

A scrubby brush may be a small thing but this small thing is a miracle. I have always, always, always hated hand washing dishes. I hate the way the water scalds my hands when I start. I hate the slimey crud that comes off the dishes. I hate not being able to see the bottom of the sink due to suds and scum. I hate the way the soap and the water destroy my hands. I hate the wastefulness of drawing a sink full of water to wash only a few dishes and the way a counter full of dishes spread to dry takes over a kitchen. Handwashing was firmly on my "to avoid" list.

So the hubby did it. Now, to be fair, he did volunteer for this task when we were adding things to our wedding registry. I did not want things that required handwash and his fateful words were "I'll do it." I held him to it for over 3 years.

Then we moved into the new house and, fatefully, bought a scrubby brush that holds soap in it's handle. No more sinks full of water to wash a single dish. In fact, no more sinks full of water. Combined with the drying rack thoughtfully left by the prior owners this was easy! And so I picked up handwashing.

But one thing bothered me--the fact that the scrubby brush had no home. It seemed unsanitary to set it on the counter, so I would leave it overhanging the edge of the sink--where it was constantly in the way.

Enter this beauty. I've not had good luck with suction cups (does anyone?) so I'm wary. But if it works, it might just be the final missing piece of the dishes puzzle. A way to keep the perfect scrubby brush clean and easily accessible.

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