Sunday, November 22, 2009

Simply Joy Sunday # 28

The things that made me happy this week. Check out Cool Zebras for other's joys.

1. Getting art up and framed. Cutting the prints just so and getting it right.


2. Handing out the invites for our housewarming party and meeting most of our neighbors in the process.

3. Snoozey kitties.

Sleepy Jack

4. Enjoying our newly organized and clean closet.

5. Discovering that Target's store brand frozen spanikopita is really good. Really.

Delicious Dinner

6. Sorting through artwork with the hubby and ordering things (!) online to complete a few more spaces.

7. Making quite a dent in the things to be unpacked and put away in the spare room and the craft room.

In Need of  Good Place

1 comment:

  1. Thanks for playing again!

    I like a lot of the Target brand foods. I guess I don't have a fancy pallate!


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