Wednesday, November 18, 2009



I have been driving for 11 years. In that time I've come to know a few things. Speed limits are usually suggestions (unless you are in Texas with out of state plates and a carload of stuff, holy cow). Other drivers will usually compensate for any momentary lapses of judgement on your part. You really need to pay attention to the gas gauge. (Especially when driving through shady parts of town.) The spare is in the trunk, you just have to look *under* the carpet. You can see lights change even if you aren't looking directly at them.

The only problem with that last one? It doesn't guarantee that the light has changed to what you think it has changed to. Like when a certain left hand turn arrow turns out to actually be the green light for general traffic. And when you've already started your turn? You get to be close acquaintances with oncoming traffic, a friendly EMT, and the local police. Just in case anyone is wondering, the back of police cars are remarkably small. And pokey. But, hey, it sure beats walking.

I'm fine and the damage really is minimal (an AC line came unhooked and the bumper needs replacing) but that's one lesson learned the hard way.

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