Thursday, October 01, 2009



I wrote up a Spotlight feature on Nina Klausen almost exactly two years ago. I had fallen in love with her piece "Confidence" and I described it as

"...a brilliant example of using titling as an integral part of the piece. The name is not a descriptor, nor is it an attempt to salvage meaning in a poor piece. Here, the title is a key and transformative element of the piece; just as much a part of the art as the ink and paper."

And ever since I first saw it, I have stalked it in a comedy of errors. Just when I would get my pennies saved up, her shop would be empty and (apparently) abandoned. Wistfully checking in months later would show pieces again listed, but I no longer had money in hand. So, this September, when I saw it again, I knew *exactly* what to spend my still indecisively held birthday money on.

And it looks beautifully at home against the aquaish, tealish, robin's eggish blue of my craft room. A bit of serendipity at it's best. I couldn't bear to let this one be part of the crowd so instead, I gave it a place of honor in my "quilting corner" to inspire me when a challenge seems a bit too challenging. In another nice bit of luck, this also means Confidence is the first thing you see when you enter the craft room.

Cutting Ironing Designing

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  1. Well that worked out! I almost never buy something the first time I see it. Usually, I wind up realizing that I don't need/want it afterall. But then there are those times that I'm still thinking about it weeks later...

    It's a great piece, too. Enjoy!


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