Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Look How Far We've Come


I recently passed day 91 of my 365 day challenge (well 102, if you count the skip days, but that's besides the point). I am really proud of myself for sticking with this. I was a bit worried when I started out that I would find taking a photo each day frustrating. My past experience has taught me that I often start with a wild enthusiasm but the day to day grind can wear fun commitments into the worst things imaginable--something done solely out of obligation.

A few weeks into the project, I was confronted with my first Big Decision. I had enough time to either post to the blog or take a picture. It would have been easy to post to the blog, I have plenty of house pictures on my Flickr account, it simply would not have been a picture taken that day. It forced me to decide what this project was really about for me. Was it about posting something every day or was it about spending the time to take a photo every day? I decided it was the latter. You may occasionally notice several posts pop up at once, those are times when I have had to put off the editing, uploading, and blogging, but the picture taking has continued apace.

And on days when life interrupts and I can't take a photo? I take a skip day and move on. At the end of this project I will have a year(ish) long record of the milestones of putting our home together, a collection of firsts. If I skip a couple of days here and there, it's not the end of the world.

That understanding is what keeps this project moving forward, because while it's a part of my life, it doesn't run my life. And in the meantime, I reap all the benefits. Of actively paying attention. Of noticing the small details. Of wandering the house with a camera, allowing lighting, subjects, and happenstance to direct my attention.


  1. I hear ya. I was so excited to start the macro 365 group on flickr. I've taken 55 pictures for that group in a year. That didn't work out so well. You, however, have a plan and a meaningful one at that. I'm enjoying your discoveries. =)

  2. Cheryl J.10:18 AM

    Your approach shows me how much you have matured (probably beyond your years) since we first "met".

    You've realized that you need to give yourself a break once in awhile. Some people don't give themselves the break and then they burn out. Remember that lesson in all aspects of your life.

    Also, you've learned you need to forgive yourself for not being perfect (as if anyone is). It's nice to strive for perfection but since it's unobtainable, you need to forgive yourself when it isn't perfect.

    Kudos to you, mrs. Dragon! Keep up the good work. And keep giving yourself the time and space needed.

    I love checking in on you.


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