Monday, June 29, 2009

Day 15/365--Old Arch

I am attempting a 365 day photo project called "Around the House" for photos of the house and all things in it. Each day I take a photo of something and make a brief post here about the image.

The charger came today! The charger came today! *bounces* My battery is happily charging and tomorrow I will make up for the last week by going on a photo spree I tell you. A spree! Which is good, because today's edition of then and now is starting to stretch the bounds of what you can easily tell from photos. Behold. The arch that is no more.


15/365 Old Arch


Kitchen to Living Room

The arch shown in the top was off to the right, in the main opening to the living room. The side bar (which I showed being built a couple of days ago) can also be seen in this pic. I'm not sure what was there originally, but based on the rest of the remodeling I'm betting it was covered in marble. I greatly prefer the renno'd version. The space is open and simple making it much more inviting.

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