Sunday, April 05, 2009

Simple Joy Sunday # 10

1. The husband and I started looking at houses yesterday! (Okay, that's probably not very simple but it is very joyous!)

2. Our dinner tonight was very pretty. See?


3. We cleaned house today and it feels so much better. My darling husband came home from working overtime and mowed the front lawn, swept and mopped the kitchen, and vacuumed the house! I cluttered busted, caught up on mail, paid bills, did laundry, folded the laundry that's been sitting around in baskets, and finally got the tools we were sorting off the living room floor.

4. I also managed to get the iced tea maker to flood the kitchen counter with hot tea, but hey! the whole thing needed a good scrubbing and this made sure I couldn't put it off!

5. We bought sugar cookies. True, they weren't homemade but they were delicious. And really, at the rate I've been eating these the last thing I needed was two dozen delicious cookies in the house.


As always, share your own and read others over that Cool Zebras .


  1. Your photos of your dinners always make me hungry!

    (don't worry about the name, it's the idea that matters!)

    Thanks for participating!

  2. Hey, good luck with the house hunt!! If you can do it, now's the time to buy.

    Yesterday, the last thing in the world I felt like doing was having company and cleaning bathrooms, but Scott's parents decided that they want to come over (what am I going to do? say no?). Anyway, that kind of forced me to clean the bathroom, but it also forced Scott to straighten up all of the crap that he's been leaving out lately. So, the visit was actually a blessing in disguise!


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