Tuesday, March 31, 2009

A Whole New Start

Many moons ago (about two years worth), we had a very busy few weeks. I'd been given a job offer 2300 miles away from where I was currently calling home. And so the hubby and I packed up our entire (stuffed beyond the gills) one bedroom apartment. We picked up the things being stored at my grandmothers (our washer/dryer) and my parents (a closet full of childhood effects). We loaded it all up on a moving truck and we drove and drove and drove. When the truck finally met us at our new home we unloaded. And those boxes were soon joined by more boxes--friends shipped from my hubby's parent's house--HIS closet's worth of childhood effects.

Over the last two years, most of those boxes had been unpacked. But not all, not by far. My craft room closet and the office closet were stuffed to brimming. Plus all the other random boxes tucked here and there (and in the garage). So this winter I had a mission; I had a plan. You see, I absolutely refuse to move anything even one more time if we don't need or want it. (Especially if we don't even know that we have it!)

So I started in on the hard stuff. By early February my craft room had gone from relatively clean to this:

Cleaning Frenzy

And then, little by little, I made a dent:


And finally, one day, I took those final steps and I was done. D.O.N.E. : )


Now granted, the closet still has it's share of boxes (things awaiting a more permanent storage solution in a more permanent abode). But everything that's in there is wanted and loved and useful.

Even the Closet 2

My stock now has a happy little home and my sewing area is no longer overflowing with other projects.

Nice N Tidy

My desk has even been unburied with many of the things waiting to be hung having found a happy home on the wall. : )

My Haven


  1. I've been attacking my work room for the past month or so, too. I cleaned out a hell of a lot of paper that had accumulated in my file cabinet, totally cleared off the top of my bench, and reorganized my closet (added some shelving). I still need to clean up my desk and figure out how I want to hang my artwork (a major challenge for me!).

  2. Congratulations! I thought it looked awesome, but even more so after looking at the before pictures.

    I'm in a deep spring cleaning, too, and for the same reasons. We will have to move sooner or later, probably sooner, and I just have too much stuff.

    It's a very satisfying process, though, getting rid of things you no longer need and no longer really love.


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