Sunday, December 28, 2008

Free Dr Pepper

Dr. Pepper offered everyone in the US a free Dr Pepper if the new Guns N Roses album Chinese Democracy came out this year. It did and they made good on the promise--requiring that you go to their website and register for a coupon to be mailed to you. Since I like Dr Pepper and I'm always up for free stuff, I went to the website and managed to get both the hubby and I registered. (This was an exciting process as logging onto their overloaded servers was a bit like playing the slots.)

Sometime last week, I got a couple of envelopes in the mail, one for me and one for the hubby that I tossed in the "to shred" pile as they looked like junk mail. Before shredding, I opened them to make sure it wasn't actually something important. Good thing I did because it was our coupons for free Dr. Peppers!

Free Dr Pepper

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