Tuesday, November 25, 2008

I Had a Plan...

...can you hear god laughing?

So, my best efforts to get back into blogging regularly here were thwarted quite nicely by an unexpected trip to the ER a week ago yesterday. I'd been having some back/chest pains and they got so bad, that I went into the hospital.

Fun Times

A urine test, blood work (and I do NOT like bloodwork, let me tell you), a chest x-ray, two prescriptions, six hours, and several dollar signs later I was sent home with a diagnoisis of a sprained xiphoid. (Just in case you, like me, had never heard of a xiphoid before, it's the little bit of cartilage at the end of your sternum. My only guess is that I managed to make it very unhappy when vomiting a few weeks back.)Where I have pretty much stayed since then. I attempted going back to work on Wednesday. That was certainly not one of my better ideas, as I ended up having to leave work early to go to a clinic and get more meds prescribed. Since then I have holed up at home "resting" which really means sitting around on the couch and *really* feeling it when I decide to move to the office chair. Yup, that's been my exciting life, aren't you jealous? ; )

As for my plans? My plans to blog more. My plans to clean and organize the house? My plans (and reservations) to take a nice little vacation with the hubby? All canceled. Instead we are staying home, taking it easy, reading and watching movies and doing our holiday shopping (online, of course). Which isn't all bad. I suppose it's one way to learn to slow down and appreciate what you have. Which was the point of the vacation really. And it's hard to argue with a hubby who spoils me rotten (even when I'm not sore and loopy from pain meds).

The one good thing? I did manage to start in on getting some back stock listed. You'll notice that Ink&Vine is looking a lot more flush these days with new cards, including more holiday cards.

As for my MrsDragon shop, there a few new goodies there too. Most noteably....bookmarks! (The perfect stocking stuffer for all the other bookdragons out there).

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  1. Honey, I didn't realize what a wreck you are with this whole injury drama! I hope you start to feel better soon!! Six weeks is a long time, but try to take advantage of the down time and enjoy reading some good books or catching up on BSG so we can talk about it when it starts up again in January!


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