Sunday, August 03, 2008

Onto Shop Number Two!

Now that I have begun to get back in the groove of adding things to my mrsdragon shop, I am dipping my toe in the water of also (gasp!) adding things to Ink & Vine. Lest anyone think I am playing favorites, I assure you, I actually have *more* things to add to the Ink & Vine shop. (Which is probably why I have waited longer...)

Today's additions:

Anthir, the dragonling of to-do lists has made his debut in my mrsdragon shop.

And over at Ink & Vine...something totally new! (Well, okay, not *totally* new. I had the idea for these over a year ago, and I finally got enough made up to take to my fair in June...but it's the first time on Etsy!)

Anyway, this is the first appearance of my horizontally formatted cards. Not all of my stamps and sayings work with this format, but it provides a nice "fuller" look for the stamps that do balance. ^_^

Next on the to-do list--editing all the photos, retaking the ones that are beyond editing, and (if I get really ambitious) deleting unused photos off of my computer since I recently discovered my hard drive is almost full!.

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