Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Good Mail Day

With how busy I've been lately, I hadn't had a chance to spend the money that my grandmas so generously gave me for my birthday. I firmly believe that gifted money is to spent on absolutely nothing practical. No food. No everyday clothes. Absolutely no bills. Even as a struggling college student, I did my best to keep gift money away from "boring" items and only spent it on fun things.

This little necklace from ANORIGINALJEWELRY fit the bill quite nicely. It looked feminine, elegant, and just gorgeous. So I took the plunge and ordered it on Sunday.

It arrived today(!) in my mailbox and it is just amazing! I am a bit of a handmade jewlery addict, so I've ordered my share of jewlery (for myself and others) on Etsy and I can say that, hands down Ashley's packaging has impressed me the most. Just like her jewelry it's not so much the materials (She starts with the same things as many others) but it's the way she pulls it together with such flair. I was actually getting giddy opening it!

Then there is the necklace itself. The piece is shiny but not glaringly bright and the chain subtley sparkles without looking cheap or gaudy. The whole thing pulls together beautifully and easily transitions from everyday jeans to workday cashmere to evening dresses.

I promise pictures of me wearing it soon! (I put it on as soon as it arrived, but I'm not feeling photogenic today, so you will all just have to wait. I'm sure it's killing you. ; )


  1. I like it! Very nice!

  2. That necklace is just lovely. :)

  3. WTF? That aca-list was me...I dunno how I "logged in" to the Austin Cycling Association mailing list google group, but uh...yeah just disregard that. LOL

  4. Ok, no really, it's Shelley. WTF?!?! I signed in with my gmail account and it turns into aca-list? *boggles*

  5. Great choice... and happy belated birthday!

  6. Funny, when I was the word "mail" in the title of this blog post, postal mail isn't what I thought of. ;) Beautiful necklace, by the way.


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