Thursday, July 31, 2008

*Breathe In Deeply*

You know how sometimes life goes crazy? It's one thing after another after another after another? Yea...that was June and July for me this year.

Craft Fair-->House Guests-->Training for Work-->Road Trip/Family-->Crazy at Work-->Attempt to Clean House-->Hubby's Cell Phone Dies-->My Computer Dies-->Parent's Visit-->Hubby's Computer Dies-->Work is Still Insane...

However, this week, I am finding my zen again. With social obligations out of the way (and thus my necessary introvert time to myself) I am feeling more relaxed, more centered, more *capable*. And thus I am easing back into my other obligations. Etsy. Blogging. Street Teams. That new street team I signed up for. (Ooops. But they are local! And they craft! And--yes, my name is Mrs.Dragon I have a problem with overcommitting.)

Step One on the road to recovery was (finally) editing pics of and listing magnets and mirrors in my MrsDragon shop. (Step 2 is Ink&Vine, but one thing at a time now.)

Recent Editions!

Oddly enough, despite (or perhaps because of) all this chaos, this month has been my best ever as far as sales.

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