Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Breathe in the Clean

So this weekend, I decided I simply could not stand it anymore. My craft room was *gasp* unfit to craft in. Possible backgrounds were buried by stock and the whole mess was making using my lighbox require an uncanny amount of balance and grace. Neither of which I am overmuch blessed with. My craft table was 2 inches deep in torn paper, mocked up cards, paintings waiting to be hung, a work in progress, extra paper, and random "stuff" that needed to be filed, stored, and otherwise dealt with. My stock area was stacking up and the floor was covered in boxes, bags with supplies, and an overflowing trash can (it's all paper trash, so it's not unsanitary, but it's not exactly calming and zen-like).

So I spent some time taking the room to task. I cleaned, filed, stored, boxed, tidied, and ended homelessness (amoung craft supplies).

And now, what everyone wants to see.

My crafting table before:


My crafting table after:


My shipping/storing/photography area before:

Before--Photography, Shipping, and Storage

My shipping/storing/photography area after:

After--Photographing, Shipping, and Storage

Huzzah! Click on the pictures to see them (and their lovely notes) on Flickr.


  1. Good for you! What nice areas you have! I'm jealous, as I have to share with the kitchen table.

  2. I am soooo impressed! Considering that my studio sounds like yr "before" description, I can really appreciate your hard work in creating this "after" enviroment! Really nice. I don't know if I have the guts to post any pics of my work area yet!

  3. i love your photos! and your post about how crazy messy your room was. i am there. 100%. i need to make a light box. i had one, but it wasnt proper. you inspired me.

  4. I am swept away with admiration.Such a good are welcome to come clean mine while on such a roll.mine cleaned up looks like your before shot.

  5. Anonymous10:32 AM

    Kudos to you for cleaning up, but the real question is....

    Can you find anything any more?????


  6. Wow! You've got a really neat craft room -- It's very charming! :)

  7. thanks for sharing this I love seeing peoples workspace, its gives me so many ideas for my future one :)


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