Tuesday, December 18, 2007


This is a very sad happening. My poor little Nikon Cool Pix--a holiday gift from my parents in 2004--has died. And I don't mean a little bit dead (although not smashed into a million pieces dead either), it's kaput.

I went to turn it on a couple weeks ago and discovered that the lens was stuck open (it had been plugged into my computer uploading). This has happened before and usually a quick on/off does the trick. No go. So I figured it needed fresh batteries.

I was on my way to something else, so it took me a few days before charging the batteries and trying again. No luck. : ( My poor dead little camera.

I am officially going through camera withdrawals. Having been on flickr for just over a year, I have come to love documenting my life. Even if just for my own purposes. So baking my first batch of sugar cookies and no pictures? Sad. Doing all of the holiday baking without a photo as proof? Hearbreaking. Spending a wonderful evening with the hubby wandering around the Gaylord Opry Hotel in Nashville, drooling over the gorgeous decorations and no photos to share? Depressing. (My husband eventually forbade "I wish I had my camera : ( " comments because I was driving him nutty. And we weren't even inside yet!)

Aside from the personal effects, there is also the obvious impact on my Etsy store--I can't list anything I don't already have photographed! Gah! *sob*

Maybe Santa will have a new camera tucked away for me. *sets out extra sugar cookies with sprinkles*

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