Sunday, December 09, 2007

Family Portrait

Every year, I hem and haw about what to do for holiday cards. I don't like paying tons of money for mass produced shlock and I try to keep them religiously neutral. (Which is more difficult than you would think). I've also never had the time or inclination to make all the cards I would need.

Well, this year, inspiration struck early! A friend of mine had commissioned a friend of hers to create this drawing for a community of female engineers.

When I saw that I knew we had to have her to a family portrait of our little family! My husband was unconvinced by my arguements ("We don't have to pay a photographer! We don't have to try to get both the cats to sit still at once! It will be unique and awesome!"), but I pressed on anyway. I figured even if we didn't use it for the cards, I could frame it up. I was in love with the idea.

After much discussion (I think working with artists must be the worst for other artists, we are so darn picky!) the image was finalized yesterday. I love it. And you know, so does my husband! He was surprised at how much it looked like us and loved how she captured the personality of the cats. (I tried not to say "I told you so" too much ; ).

The Congers 2007

I absolutely adore it! : ) I am planning on making this a family tradition--to each year have a new portrait done.


  1. it's silly how cute that card is and you both and your cats! you lucky girl to have friends like that!

  2. that card is so cute!
    what a GREAT idea!
    It will be so interesting to look at those portraits over the years!

  3. I LOVE it - what a great, personal idea!!

  4. I really love it, Amanda! I'm so glad you persevered!


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