Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Oh My!

I'm back! I'm alive! And no one was harmed in the process!

I apologize for my long and unannounced blogging hiatus. It was a combination of factors including my poor computer being unplugged and handed off from person to person for much of last week in an attempt to set up home networking so I can (gasp) work from home. Theoretically it's as easy as installing the software and away you go. In practice, for me...she of the anti-Midas touch for all things electronic? It's six weeks and counting of back and forth and "try this" and do that and talking to the tech guy. (And it's not over yet!)

Anyway, the other factors include some time off for my own mental health. Sometimes, you just have to sit back, take a deep breath, and say "something's got to go", or else something will go and that something will be your sanity.

Thus it is that I stepped down this week as the moderator of the FAE Street Team. The ever fabulous Sarah of artca fame will join Chel (aka chelmorning to create the new dynamic duo. Unbeknownest to be, they have been friends outside of Etsy for quite some time, so I am even more confident that I made the right decision. The group is in excellent hands, and I will be able to continue my participation as a member instead of a moderator.

This is just the beginning of a resorting. I also need to rank my priorities elsewhere and carve out a schedule for my weekends so I can actually get things made! : ) But it is a start.

Also, because it seems ridiculously on topic, the ACEO shown here is called "Juggle" and is a piece that I did based on an Illustration Friday" topic of the same name that I ran across while scanning their list of past topics. The card shows a little dragonling juggling several balls (seemingly) effortlessly, while the words in the background hint at the true effort it is taking to keep them all afloat. Too often we only see how easy it looks when other people "do it all" and, at the same time, are hyper conscious of all the "background noise" that fills our own juggling. The truth is both levels exist for everyone, based on our own strengths and weaknesses (and how much help we have!). And sometimes, like this week, we need to know that it's okay to hand a ball or two off to other people so we can keep the others in the air.


  1. So true!! It does get a bit overwhelming at times--and good for you for scaling back, that is not always an easy thing to do!
    Smiles, Karen

  2. i know that feeling--the juggling feeling. hey, i do IF too! :-) my "juggle" was totally different--it's fun to see the variety. :-)


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