Thursday, October 04, 2007

A Spiffy Tip(y)

I apologize for the title. I really do. I couldn't resist. I blame it on my mother. ; ) [Side note: my mother adds "ee" or "y" sounds to everything to cute-ify them. It's a habit as ingrained in me as breathing.]

Anyway, the other day on the etsy forums I learned the niftiest trick. Say you have an Etsy shop and you want to know how people are finding your listings. What are they searching for that brings them to your shop, or that particular listing?

Simply hop on over to google (or if you have it as part of your toolbar like me, up to google) and type in "YOUR STORE NAME etsy search results". Then under the second Etsy result you will see a link that says "More results from". Click that.

Google Trick, Pic 1

Then you will see a page that lists search results; look at the third line of each listing, where it gives the url. You will see the words "search query="blahblah". Whatever "blahblah" is for you is the terms that people are using, on Etsy to land at your listings. Pretty neat, hunh? :)

Google Trick, Pic 2


  1. Yes, interesting! I had to go try it out! Cool! I like exclamation marks as you can tell! lol

  2. Oooh, fun! Off to try it now!

  3. : ) Glad it's proving useful!

  4. Thanks so much for that!

    (found your blog through Flickr, if you were interested in that info, haha)


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