Wednesday, October 03, 2007

The Holly-Days are Coming!

In my house, Christmas happens all year long. Mostly because I am notorious for humming Christmas carols while distracted and working. Imagine "Frosty the Snowman" on loop. Yea, my roommate loved that.

So imagine my excitement when the weather starts cooling off and the thoughts of others turn towards the holidays as well. Suddenly I'm not half batty, I'm fully of "seasonal cheer"!

And as every crafter knows (whether they sell their creations or not) the holidays started in July. Brainstorming, purchasing supplies, creating...

My holiday cards finally began to take shape this last weekend. I had been working on ideas since last December, trying to figure out just what to do. A month or so ago, I hit upon my big idea to feature holly. Then I had to order supplies and wait for them to arrive. (*taps foot impatiently*). Then I had to wait for a weekend. The agony, I tell you. ; )

Sneak Peek!

Finally, my samples pulled together! I created 3 "starter" cards. These will not actually go up for sale in my shop because they do not meet my ever-picky standards (being trial runs they have some escapee glue glossiness, stray marks, etc.). However, I have already begun work on a nice sized batch. I plan on offering these in three "flavors"--plain (without a saying), original (with a stamped saying), and deluxe (with fabric tags). Although that last bit is subject to change up on my whims and customer demand. : )

I will have to take some samples through to completion and crunch the numbers, but these will probably retail for around the same amount as my flower note cards.


  1. These are gorgeous! I love all the details. You are going to sell a ton of these!


  2. Thank you! I certainly hope so. : D

  3. While do not sing Christmas carols throughout the year, it is fun to learn that you do.

    Holly is such a wonderful shape and color, the test cards look fab. Great dimension and really like the use of buttons for the berries.

  4. Your blog always make me smile! And I totally agree about Christmas starting early (about the day after Christmas for me!) - I'm always looking around thinking to myself "Next year I think I'll ..." Bring 'em on!


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