Wednesday, October 24, 2007

I Solemnley Swear...

A while back, I discussed my reasons for buying handmade.

This is something that I put into practice in my life. My wishlist? Almost entirely handmade. (Save for a few CDs, ^_^) Last year, when asked what I wanted for the holidays, I pointed people in the direction of my list. And you know what? I received some wonderful, beautiful, handmade gifts! Even my ever-practical husband bought me a lovely pair of earrings (one of my favorite go-to pairs) from a talented etsy seller.

But, the best part of gifts is giving them! So, last year, I did probably 90% of my holiday shopping on etsy. I found things for everyone from my geeky brother-in-law to my Iris loving grandmother. In fact, I had more selection and more success shopping on Etsy than shopping elsewhere. I will never go back to the mall again!

So, towards that end, I have taken the the handmade pledge.

I Took The Handmade Pledge!

I pledge to buy handmade this holiday season and request that others do the same for me.

Click the image or link above to join the Handmade Alliance in pledging to buy handmade this season. Click the button down on the bottom right to get all kinds of cool banners for your blogs or webpages to tell the world. But most importantly, remember to tell your friends and family! You can use Wist to create a convenient list that you can email out! ; )

In fact, sign the pledge and then comment back here with your pledge number (I'm 712) and one (or more!) reasons *you* buy handmade and on Monday (when I get back in town) I will hold a drawing from those that pledged and send out a free card or dragonling of the winner's choice!

ETA: Given the logistical nightmare of trying to find pledge numbers later (for those who have already pledged), just go ahead and comment with a reason (or several) that you buy handmade and don't worry about the pledge number. : )


  1. I am #776!! I hope everyone gets into this. Handmade ROCKS!


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