Friday, August 10, 2007

Life on the Internet

So tonight I spent some quality time with the internet. (Have you hugged your websites today?)

First, I updated my squidoo lens. A pretty good scrubbing up. I changed around the pictures and added a list of helpful sites for etsy sellers that you can vote on and add to! I'm pretty happy with it, check it out and let me know what you think. Or, if you are a squidoo member, you can "rank" my lens to show your opinion. Higher rankings help the page show up earlier in searches.

Secondly, I set up an account with I really like the small size and crafty vibe of the site. The layout reminds me of livejournal combined with myspace and is pretty easy to update and customize. My only complaint is that, like many of these sites, they are trying to be THE ONE PLACE for you to do everything. Unforunately, that's not how the internet works. I already have a flickr account, I don't want to re-upload my pictures on another site. I already have a blog, I don't want to copy and paste all my entries--I just managed to stop doing that!

The site is very new yet, so I'm hoping that they will provide easy integration with Flickr and a way to add RSS feeds to your site in the future. Right now I am planning on updating there from once a week to once a month, but we'll see how it goes. Perhaps I shall fall in love. ; )

The direct link to my page is:

Since it is such a small site, it is predominately made up of etsy sellers, which means that there are lots of familiar faces!

Finally, the Etsy Bloggers Street Team got some great news. Our blog carnival has been noticed by the admin over at (which is the site we run the carnival though) and they like it so much that we will be the featured carnival on Saturday, August 18th. We will be all over the homepage! Great advertising for the street team, our blogs, and Etsy! Woot!

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