Saturday, August 11, 2007

All the Colors of Etsy

This post is a part of the Etsy Bloggers Street Team Blog Carnival. This week's topic is "Carnival of Color" and is being hosted by Regina over at her blog, Bead Jewelry Shop Girl.

I love color. Always have and always will. When I was younger I LOVED rainbows. Neat boxes of colored pencils and markers made a clear impact on how I saw the world. In fact, I still have those rainbow sorting tendencies--my first impulse when pairing colors is to use rainbows for any sets of 5 or more and tone on tone pairings for sets of 2 or three.

So when I saw the topic for this week, I knew I had have a rainbow of colors. So I present to you--the Etsy Rainbow. These are all items that I have purchased over the last year on Etsy. Click on the images to see the original listing and find more items by that seller.

RED --An ACEO made by a fellow VAST member, a photo frame that was a gift for a friend who LOVES Code Red Mountain Dew, a t-shirt for a friend who loves her miniature schnauzer, a motorcycle card that I traded for to give to my bike riding dad, a custom bear angel ornament for my mom, and an ACEO that was part of my anniversary gift to my husband.

ORANGE--A pendant that was gifted to a friend, a small address book I use to track my web log on IDs, a small stuffy I donated to a toy drive, a cheese stuffy for a friend, a spider ball cat toy for the kittens, a "date night" card I gave to my hubby.

YELLOW--A bunny for my hubby, owl magnets for an owl crazy friend, fluer-di-lis soap for a friend who adores fluer-di-lis, yellow handmade paper to gocco on, an angry jellyfish cat toy for the kittens.

GREEN--Lips magnet for my soon to be put together magnet wall, gorgeous birdie pillow also part of my craft room decor, fiber magnets also for my magnet wall, a cat bed for our kittens, a t-shirt for my brother, another ACEO that was part of my anniversary gift to my hubby.

BLUE--Another magnet for my magnet wall, this one says "make art", collars for our kittens, an angel suncatcher for my mom, a cloud print buisness card case for my etsy buisness cards, a set of china photo frames for my mom who collects blue and white china and was planning a china and photos wall, men's lotion sampler for my hubby.

PURPLE--A beaded bookmark for a friend whose favorite color is lavender, more handmade paper for my gocco, a set of notecards with prints of a painting of an iris for my grandmother (her favorite flower), coasters with grapes for my mother in law.

BROWN--A small pot for my mother in law, a lovely magnet made from cork for my magnet board, a heart shaped cookie made from polymer clay that I added a magnet to for my husband, vintage dictionary pages, small love notes that were part of my anniversary gift to my husband, fortune cookie cat toys given as gifts last holiday season to the other cats in my life, a love card for my husband (shhhh), my wonderful new pencil cup.

BLACK AND WHITE--A T-Rex catch all for my desk, an earring and jewelry holder that allows me to SEE everything I have at once, a ninja pincushion for a friend who quilts and likes ninjas, a word search birthday card for a friend that enjoys word puzzles, a plushie lump of coal for my brother, a binary bunny card for my hubby, a card patterned after an original NES controller for my brother.


  1. Anonymous6:26 PM

    I LOVE the idea of a magnet wall! I do hope you'll show off pictures when it's complete.

    You've got so many neat picks here. It must've taken so long to put it all together, so I just wanted to say I appreciate your sharing!

  2. Thanks kj! I will most definitely post pics when I get the wall up! I really just need to take the plunge and buy the magnetic board. I held off because it was near my birthday, but maybe this month I will order it. : )

    And yea, this post took waaaaaaay longer than I was expecting. : D I'm glad you enjoyed it!

  3. Wow! They look so beautiful grouped this way! I love your rainbow!

  4. WoW! What a great gallery of finds! Thank you for introducing these great artists.

  5. What great stuff you've purchased. It must of taken you forever to layout this post, but it looks fantastic.

  6. Such a great compilation of artists on Etsy - a wonderful display of talent and creativity!

  7. I'm glad you all enjoyed it! : )


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