Sunday, June 03, 2007

Spotlight on skinnylaminx

I have a deep fascination of and appreciation for beautiful line work. There is something incredibly beautiful about something that is drawn in one go and not overwrought. Which doesn't imply that such pieces are amateurish or not thought out-- quite to the contrary, as the artist must practice and sketch and prepare. Rather, these pieces capture the beauty of simply letting something *be*. Of accepting ourselves the way we are. As squiggly little drawings or cute little creatures who aren't and do not need to be Rembrandt's or Van Gogh's.

Skinnylaminx captures that essence in simple, beautifully articulated line drawings that take a variety of forms. Natural forms provide unending inspiration--trees, birds, leaves, and flowers abound. Each piece has a happy-bouncy sense of playfulness and movement, daring you avoid smiling. It's like an infusion of happy!

I've already purchased my most favorite piece in her shop, but there is plenty left to keep me coming back. Two such pieces are shown below.

This first piece is a towel, one of several pieces to showcase these delightful Eep birds. I love the way that the design integrates into the top and the bottom of the towel. Many other towels I have seen simply cut off at the ends. Although this design does not continue all the way to the edges, there is a purpose to it, a conscious artistic choice and it is beautifully carried out. I am not left with the feeling that the equipment available restricted the design. The design is natural and fulfilled. Also also adore the small print at the bottom with the artist's name and date and the designation "made in South Africa". Those are the small touches--the connections with the artist--that make buying indie so much fun. "Oh, I love your towel! Where did you get it?" "Oh, from an artisan in South Africa." : )

The second item shown here is one of skinnylaminx's cut magnets. Each one of these is meticulously hand cut and each one showcases the gorgeous line work, interlocking shapes, and brilliant understanding of composition that underscores all work in the shop.

On a quest for magnets last weekend, I looked at 350 pages of magnets on etsy. I saw large magnets, small magnets, bottle cap magnets, and tons of glass marble magnets. The magnets in skinnylaminx's shop were hands down the most original works I saw. These beautiful pieces provide all the reason you need to go buy a quart of that magnetic primer and repaint a wall. Of course, they would look just as fantastic sprucing up a filing cabinet or a refrigerator. And they would make a killer locker decoration for a student.

Skinnylaminx displays a stunning mastery of line work and composition. Her pieces are brilliantly beautiful AND amazingly functional--that holy grail of combinations. I look forward to seeing what she will create next, but in the meantime I'll keep checking back whenever I need to smile. : )


  1. Can't decide what is more fabulous the magnet or her seller name!

  2. Great pieces! Can understand why you like her work.


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