Sunday, June 03, 2007


So, I could say a lot, but it is very past my bedtime (more so than the timestamp on this post indicates) so we will go for short and sweet.

Number the first: I took about 500 pictures today retaking pictures of cards that had expired or will be shortly. Overall, the pictures are much better. For some reason the cards in some look yellowish while others don't? I think it might be a reaction with the color of the flowers (certain colors bring out the ivory in the paper more in the pictures) but I'm not sure that's the entire story.

Number the second: My shop's stock has fallen off drastically since items haven't been expiring like they are *supposed* to do. I had gotten very spoiled by being able to simply add to my listings and not have to fight to keep them constant! I will be bringing my stock up quite a bit over the next couple days by relisting expired items with shiny new pictures.

Number the third: The Card Party starts tomorrow! I am ridiculously excited about this! We have been advertising like crazy and this served as the big push behind those 500 photos! I have decided to give out extra bonus bags with any Card Party sales I make. The worth of the bags will scale up with the worth of the order. Minimally, it will be my usual extras in a swanky bag. Those will include things from me as well as other etsy sellers.

Number the fourth: Our newest kitten! She's beautiful and her and her brother are getting better about playing nicely together instead of attempting to murder each other.

Here's the little beauty asleep on my lap while I do "computer stuff". Click the image to see more pics of both her and her brother.

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