Monday, June 04, 2007

Flying Words!

*Yawn* I must off to bed--I have to be up early tomorrow for training sessions! (Which I am actually really looking forward to. : )

Anyway, I listed LOTS of things in the store yesterday. Most were re-lists, although several were "new" in that they are broken out of previous sets.

I am seriously re-thinking the way I do sets, I really really really REALLY hate dictating what things must go together. Unfortunately, etsy doesn't have a way (yet) for me to let the system know that if someone buys x many cards to give them a discount. So the only way I could do that would be revised invoices. Which are fine once in awhile but would seriously gum up the works if I had to do them a lot.

So, I'm chewing it over. I have some ideas I will be trying out. Most of which still involve me dictating which cards go together (sigh), but since some people actually *like* that (esp for gifts) it will probably work out.

Anyway, the upshot is that until I sort all that out, I will only be listing singles. I have 3 sets up in the shop right now, and I will probably retake their pictures at some point (and relist them to show off the shiny new pictures) but I doubt that I will add to that number until I get my ducks in a row.

The nice thing to retaking all those pictures though is that my shop is looking a whole lot better! The downside is that the more I learn, the more "refined" my eye for photography gets. I can already see things I want to fix in the images I *just* listed. Ugh. Please, let these get bought before they expire so I can at least be taking pictures of NEW cards! ^_^ Some of these have already gone through three sets of photos.

Tonight I listed just one card. : ) This is one of my favorite papers to use--the red is striking to photograph and the words always fall out so nicely. It tends to garner the most views and comments as well. This is an older stamp, but since so many things expired, I think only this and one other in the shop currently have this saying. : )

Just a reminder, the card party began yesterday and ends tomorrow! So if you want to come take a look, you may want to do it soon! (And remember, it's not just the cards that are on sale!)

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