Sunday, May 20, 2007

Lots to say!

I apologize for missing my post yesterday--I got so involved in getting FAE (the Fantasy Art of Etsy street team) up and running that I clean forgot to list or post until it was way past my bedtime!

The good news is that the FAE blog is a bit more complete and things are stirring on that front again. Hopefully, the blog will get rolling in the next few weeks as well as contests and other things. You can check out the blog here:

Speaking of street teams and contests and other things, etsy greetings once again offers a page for easy peasy one stop shopping. This time the cards featured are for graduation and father's day. There is a beautiful selection of cards (including one of mine!) up right here:

And, still speaking of street teams, (I just never stop, do I? ; ) I completed my contribution to the VAST Animal ACEO project. The last count I saw there were 16 artists donating cards which are going to be compiled into an album and sold on etsy. All proceeds will be benefiting an animal charity. The album is non-traditional and totally handmade as well.

In honor of our new little kitty friend, I just had to create a kitty ACEO. Here is the final result:

Done with micron pen and prismacolor pencils. The picture doesn't do the colors justice. They are much more saturated and rich in real life. I may to try to take some scans tomorrow to see if I can get a more accurate color representation.

And finally (whew!) in the last item of the day, I listed another card! Whee! I actually was hoping to list several as I worked on some new designs, but I learned an important lesson about coloring with colored pencils--never do that and then try to work on cards! Augh! So many cards ruined by stray pencil droppings--that weren't even coming up when I wiped my hand on the desk. Tomorrow I think I will attack the desk with some Clorox wipes and hope it all comes up. I kept wiping and wiping with paper and it kept coming up clean only for more marks to appear later!

But this little card still got listed! ^_^

I really love this blue paper--it's understated without being wishy-washy!

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