Sunday, May 20, 2007

Spotlight on fieryliondesigns

Lately I have been on a quest--a quest to find the perfect (or, okay, a few perfect) pendants to wear to work. They need to be small (what's up with all the 2" pendants people?), professional, colorful, and go well with many different outfits. They should be well made and, of course, pretty. The kind of pendants that could become a "signature" piece that you wear with just about everything. Oh, and no gold.

With the goals in mind I have looked at a *lot* of pendants on etsy in the past few weeks. And no one does them better than fieryliondesigns. Aside from fulfilling all of my criteria you get the added bonus that she will not duplicate designs exactly. This ensures that you are the only person ever to purchase and wear your pendant. (And provides added incentive to save your pennies before the design you covet sells out!).

Fieryliondesigns is full of beautiful organic shapes and rich vivid colors. The craftswomanship is stunning--each piece looks as though it would last a lifetime. There are two distinct styles (to the untrained eye), the first beautiful silver cut outs backed by colorful materials, the second brightly colored geometric shapes. Each style is illustrated below.

The first image shows my (current) personal favorite item--a gorgeous pendant with a swirled cinnamon colored background that is set off by dancing silver swirls. The way the warm golden streaks swirl, it looks like some far off galaxy. And at only 3/4" square it passes the small test! ; )

The second image shows the Green Dot earrings. The dots are made with resin, the ear wire of sterling silver. I like the very simple, fun vibe to these. Casual enough to add a dash of color to a t-shirt, but graceful enough to pair with collared shirts for work.

The jewelry made by fieryliondesigns is graceful, vibrant, elegant, and versatile. These are designs that walk that fine line between not overwhelming your outfit and not underwhelming it. And best of all, these are pieces that you can, and will, treasure a lifetime.

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