Monday, May 07, 2007

Happy Anniversary and Kitties!

So, first things first, I posted a new card today! Yay! It's not only a blue flower (still working on getting more of those in my shop) but it has a new saying. It's a very simple, straightforward statement of "Happy Anniversary" but it has a cute heart! Hearts make everything cuter. It's a simple and well known fact. At least in the dragon-verse over here. In internet-speak, <3 = teh cutes. ^_^

I have been meaning to make these cards for awhile. I hesitated because I was unsure of how the line would balance with the flower (I rather liked it once I actually saw it.) However, when I was making this last batch of cards I simply couldn't resist. You see May is the month of my parent's anniversary and so, to me, May is always "anniversary season". Logically this makes very little sense, since people get married all year long (heck, I got married in February) but there you have it. So for my mom and dad, and all those other special couples that got married in May, this card's for you. ^_^

Happy Anniversary

And speaking of things that are cute--my husband and I are finally counting down until we can get...kittens! I have wanted kittens for (seriously here) 6 years. When my college roomie and I moved into our very first apartment we adopted a kitten. A couple months later she called me up to announce that she was bringing another one home. (Never go to the pound "just to look", you end up with far too many pets that way.) The first one developed a strong attachment to her, and she thought that "the boys" couldn't be separated, so when I moved in with my husband two years later, she kept the cats.

My hubby and I intended to adopt that year, but before we could save the money our complex changed it's pet policy. Then we moved for grad school and no one took pets. Sigh. So now, 3.5 years later we are in a house that allows cats! We have a litter box and food dishes. I plan on doing a little bit more research this week (that pet food debacle recently was scary!) and *hopefully* we can pick up kittens this weekend! (We are planning on adopting two so that once we both have full time jobs they will have some company while we are at work. Plus, it is my experience that when cats have playmates they stay more active and fit.)

So, once I came to that conclusion, what did I do? I hopped on etsy to check out cat stuff! Cat toys, cat beds, cat tags, cat collars, oh my! As a tribute to our soon-to-be new family members, I will be posting one cat item of awesomeness each day this week. Today's items are breakaway collars with bells, handmade by the talented pawsntails.

Happy Anniversary

You can select a custom fabric for each collar and the breakaway style ensures that should our little house kitties ever escape they can't be strangled or stranded if their collar catches on something. The bells are very helpful for keeping track of small and curious little kittens who tend to do things like climb into places they can't get out of or get into things they shouldn't. Keep half an ear open and you can know when it's time to go looking for them. And for a price that beats the mass-produced ones at the pet-store there is no reason NOT to buy handmade!

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  1. Thank you so much for including my collars in your blog! I hope you have fun picking your little friends this weekend...they are so irresistible when they're tiny.

    I love the new happy anniversary card and so many nice things on etsy. I'd better go have another look :)


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