Tuesday, May 08, 2007


Today's addition to the shop was a bit new and a bit old. Although I had used this stamp before, I hadn't made any new cards with it for awhile--and quite honestly, I had almost forgotten about it! However, I thought it was the prefect saying for the upcoming (current?) graduation season. The paper I bought awhile ago but it sat waiting for me to be brave enough to see how it would look as a flower. (Well, and that whole move thing kinda put a damper on making things ; ).

Regardless, I really love the bright, graphic, geometric contrast of the "magazine" letters with the soft and flowing text. I am also rather happy with how I lined up the flower so that you can still read "super". A super graduate? A super dream? A dream of being super? You decide! ^_^

Follow Your Dreams

And now for today's kitty item! I love this little cat bed by allingwelsh. When I was espousing it's cuteness, a good friend told me "You know any cat worth it's salt would prefer the box it came in." Well, sure. But it's so cute! And at least in theory, the cats having their own bed means that they will sleep there instead of all the very inconvenient places cats seem to choose (like on my husband's head with their tail swatting his nose).

On a slightly more serious note, I am impressed with this bed both because of it's unique design and evident quality. I am also a fan of just about anything I can customize so I greatly appreciate the choice of fabrics (including ones not shown).

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